GF4 Ti 4400 not working properly?

Hi all,

A few days ago I bought a new GPU, the “Leadtek Winfast A250 TD” with the following chipset: GF4 Ti 4400
After installing the “Nvidia GPU-Driver 40.72”-driver the framerate in MOHAS and other games is great.

I wanted to know how fast this GPU is, so I installed “3DMark 2001 SE”.
After cooling down the GPU (by shutting down the pc) I started the standard-test…

These are my results:

I was surprised to see that I had only 3167 marks. I should have 8000+ marks.

Before running the test I shut down most of the programs that where running, no IE, no explorer, no winamp, no virus-scanner etc.etc.

Can anyone tell me what is wrong ??? Do I have the wrong driver ???

Thanx in advance,

Well you really should have quite some more points. I myself own a 4200 and without OC’ing my GF I get 8087 points. My system: Athlon TB-C 1600 with 768mb pc133.

Hm wait a moment… what do I see there? FSAA enabled? Please turn that off and bench again. That should change the score enormously!

yes the default test (and the benchmarks you are comparing to) do not have FSAA enabled.