Getting Yamaha "Audio Master" Mode from Plex Premium?

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I was just curious if anyone knew a way to achieve something similar to Yamaha’s Audio Master Mode with a Plextor Premium (or any Plex with Vari-Rec) drive… I’m thinking it should be possible by setting the burning speed and adjusting the Vari-Rec setting, right? I am just not sure about the specifics of Yamaha’s Audio Master mode. Is this possible?

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It has nothing to do with Varirec.
Try Gigarec at 0,8x. It is the closest approximation to AAMR, which is 0.85x (if I remember correctly). It would be nice if you could do some C1/C2 scans with PlexTools of some CDs burned in that way and post them. :smiley:

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Wow! I am actually surprised that this had been discussed in such detail before! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

But you say it has nothing to do with VariRec, but in one of the last postings in that thread, doesn’t someone suggest that the best settings to use are GigaRec @ 0.7 or 0.8 and VariRec at +1 or +2? Is it not a combination of these settings to get a Plextor simulated AMM?

I tried one disc last night with GigaRec @ 0.8 and VariRec @ +2, burned @ 8x speed. I did a quick C1/C2 check with Plextools Pro (that I also ripped and burned with), and there were ~350 C1 errors, 0 C2 Errors, and 0 CU (?) Errors. I did not grab a screen shot though, but I will definitely be experimenting with this in the near future. I’ll try to post some screen shots then.

Thanks again!

Well, what AAMR does is described e.g. here.
Below I pasted a small excerpt:

[B]How does Audio Master Quality Recording work?[/B]

Yamaha's Audio Master Quality Recording dramatically reduces jitter. 
Using this feature, the recorder will write longer pits and lands than 
when in standard mode. 
Thanks to a variable linear speed, CD-players will read CDs created 
with the feature at the same speed even though pits and lands are
 considerably longer.

GigaRec does exactly the same in “less-than-1x” mode, and exactly the
opposite in “more-than-1x” mode.

VariRec is a different story, and this is the official document by Plextor describing that feature. Again, a short excerpt:

It allows the user to change the laser power when writing CD-DA on CD-R

I have experienced in some cases a small decrease in C1 errors burning with GigaRec “less-than-1x”, but I think that I have never used VariRec. Some people says that tweaking a burn with it can improve readability e.g. on car players, but I have never found any evidence of that. Several people reported that VariRec is useless and you only get worse results using it.

However, it could be that a GigaRec+VariRec will yield better results… one just has to try! At the time of that thread I planned to some tests with VariRec, but my lazyness was too strong and I have never done it… :stuck_out_tongue:

You could be the man! :bigsmile:

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