Getting "Will Not Fit" Error



Hey everyone this is the first time coming here so first i would like to welcome myself, names Jason. And now onto my question which has been happening for awhile now and I lack alot of expertise in this matter. I have a Mitsumi CR-48XATE and everytime I try to burn a CD I recieve the status error “Will Not Fit” for evert file. I try to change the writing speed but nothing works. I just bought another new set of blank CDs, didn’t work. I have RecordNow, Media Player, and Realplayer as burners. I was really hoping someone could help me on this matter it would be really appreciated.


With Most programs, if it says “Will Not Fit” it means your 'DATA/MUSIC is to Large for your CD…80minutes/700Mbt is most U get on a CD…But U can Overburn to 82minutes, any more than that n the progy won’t Burn for U…Majority of Peeps use NERO because its got a Bar at bottom that shows U how much room u got…

So, PLEASE Explain a little bit better on what U want to Do…Is it Music or Data or VCD etc., that U be trying to Burn…