Getting Wii online without wireless router? Wireless card on laptop?

K, so basically I want to connect my Wii to the internet. Because my university is utter shit, I can’t have a router or anything in my room.

So I have one access point, to which my laptop is connected. I can wire the Wii up and alternate the 2 OR use a wireless dongle. But that got me thinking - any wireless dongle will work with the Wii right? Well my laptop has a wireless network card anyway, so wouldn’t I be able to connect to my laptop and then the net?

Is it possible? If not I can’t figure out how! :s


I asked this same question elsewhere in this forum and got some very good ideas… look under my screen name and threads I’ve started, basically what it came down to was converting the incoming internet signal (3G) from my cell-phone into a wireless hotspot of sorts (not with walking hotspot ot the other cell phone hot spot programs out there, as they are ad-hoc and cannot be used with Wii, or PS3 I believe) but hook the cell to your laptop, turn on internet sharing, and then hook the laptop up to the access point, and it was take the incoming signal and broadcast it for you. It’s pretty nifty, although I haven’t come up with the funds to try it yet.

If you have wired access, you can buy a relatively inexpensive USB network adapter that plugs into the Wii and gives you a wired Ethernet jack. Be sure to buy the Nintendo one because ones made for a PC likely won’t work unless they use the same chipset.

If you only have one Ethernet jack, you can get an Ethernet switch for under twenty dollars. You’ll need a third Ethernet cable to hook the switch up to the jack, and then you can plug your devices into the switch.