Getting video off of dvds



This has probably been asked dozens of times, but I will ask it anyway. My mom copied all of our family videos onto DVDs, and deleted the originals off her computer. I have the dvds, but I can’t figure out how to get the video off. I can’t buy a fancy program, cuz I’m a broke college student. Thanks in advance!:bow:

Uh, I’m on Windows Vista, and the dvd files are saving as video_ts, if that helps…


Where do you want to put the dvd videos? Onto the computer?

Since they aren’t encrypted, you should be able to simply copy and paste to a folder on the hard drive.

If you want a basic dvd decryption program that would work, you could get DVDDecrypter. It will work with any dvd video that doesn’t have really advanced encryption, and your home movies won’t have any. You can find it at It is free to use. DVDShrink is also available there and can rip to the hard drive for you.

Both methods I’ve mentioned require that you have a dvd drive in the computer. If you don’t have one this is going to be much more complicated.


I want to be able to put the videos through movie maker to put on youtube. I tried to just copy+paste, but once they’re on the hardrive, I can’t get them to do anything. I’ll try those links, thanks!


I think your problem is that Windows Movie Maker doesn’t import dvd video. I don’t use the program, but that is my impression. The other programs I listed won’t help this situation.

What are you trying to do with the video? If you just want short clips, you can use DVDShrink in ReAuthor mode and use the Start/End Frames tool to select the exact parts you want. Each part you save would be a small dvd video coming out of DVDShrink.