Getting unknown disc type with dvd burner yet burned several dvd with same disc type

Hi extreme newbie appreciates any help,

I am using neodvd plus to burn a dvd that I made in window movie makers. I did this successfully before. I am using benq ew161 external burner. When I go to make the disc I get the message no disc or unknown disc type. I am using maxell dvd+r discs. I believe these are the right ones. Does anyone have any ideas what my problem might be. I thought I was using the right discs and have burned several previous discs. Any ideas?

Most brands of dvd’s are manufactured in multiple places, and the quality varies greatly. That is why most folks here will recommend you use nothing but Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim, FujiFilm (made in japan). And if you have not done so, you can upgrade the firmware on your drive and it will help make it more compatible for a wider variety of media.