Getting UDMA 5/6 with PX-760A on a M2N-SLI?

Hi everyone,

I’m asking here because I’m not too sure how to achieve this, there are many similar posts I’ve read through but all suggest things that vary according to setup so… Here’s the thing.

My Plextor PX-760A is currently stuck at UDMA 4 on the single on-board IDE connector on my brand spanking new M2N-SLI deluxe. I’m using Asus’s 80-pin cable… I previously had an Asus CD burner plugged on the same cable but I swapped it to a PCI IDE controller after I read it could be the cause of the Plextor’s slowdown.

I rebooted but no gain, the PX is still at UDMA 4. The BIOS won’t let me choose UDMA modes, only select UDMA vs PIO. Same in Windows (XP SP2).

I’m using Microsoft’s IDE drivers, not nVidia’s (although I have nVidia’s drivers installed for the SATA ports).

So… how do I bump the thing to UDMA 5 or 6 (is 6 even possible here?? I didn’t know it existed until I read stuff about it a few minutes ago =P upgraded from an old (1999) machine a month ago =D

I’d like to know which manipulations I have to go through… what should I upgrade, how can I tell Windoze to behave, should I get an IDE2SATA converter or something (if such a thing exists) and just plug it in a SATA connector? Etc. etc. all of the above (in which order to minimize muckups!? :confused:

Any and all suggestions welcome…

Thanks for your time!

What makes you think that any DVD burner runs in UDMA mode 5 or 6.

The most you’ll get , and that’s only recently , is UDMA mode 4 which is exactly what you’ve got.

There are 1 or 2 DVD-ROMs that’ll run in UDMA mode 5 but that’s it.

And its not even clear if this is not just a tricked UDMA or a real one, IMO. :wink:

Okay, thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

TimC, I figured the reverse of what you said… nothing made me think it couldn’t run on UDMA 5 or 6 so I thought I’d ask to see if it was at all possible.

Thanks =)