Getting to know each other's pet

I have noticed that there’s no such section or topic that talks about pet on this forum, so I made one in hopes of reading some great pet stories from you guys. Let me start by telling you mine. I have 3 beautiful huskies at home, named: Foxy, Silver, and Blue and they are all siblings. These three beautiful howlers love to roam the yard that’s the reason why I decided to install some dog fences to set boundaries and to ensure their safety. Their favorite pastime is playing ball fetch. Aside from that, they also love to run and dig all over the place while enjoying the morning sunshine.

My old Labradors loved getting the ball, I wonder what it is about that most dogs love? We used to throw four at a time, it was so much fun seeing all three of them totally confused about which one to go for. They are all gone now, I can’t have a dog any more, I couldn’t walk one far enough these days.
My neighbours Gordon Setter is my surrogate pet, still a puppy at 18 months and totally nuts, but very loving. I wish she would stop nipping my butt, I suppose she thinks that’s affection?

I have had just about any type of pet there is at one point or other in my life but right now my friend is a Maximilian Pionus Parrot name Dobby I was given when his owner could no longer keep him. Before him I had Lurch, another Maxi for about 6 years till he escaped due to a dumb mistake, and before that Nerd, my best friend, another Maxi for 31 years till he passed away on my arm after being sick a while:cry:
Lurch and Dobby talk/talked, Nerd made wild Pionus noises and we understood each other perfectly and he loved and trusted me. Lurch grew to finally trust and love me after a long time, Dobby likes everyone and refuses to bite. His true love is my sister who he fly’s after when she tries to leave his area.
Parrots are a LOT of work, are messy, noisy, and tend to bite, but once you’ve earned their trust they are loyal and loving family members for the rest of their or your life.