Getting throught Avex copy protetion?


Well I bought an anime CD with Avex copy proteciton.

I was told on another thread it can be copied but when I tried it I didn’t have any luck. Well it burneded right it had issues on the track, where you hear like little jitters here and there. I’m not sure if because I have a wrong setting, or Blindwrite can’t do it? I was burning using DAO PW and using the Plextor 24/10/40A.

My hopes are not out yet because it’s my first try copying a protected CD.

If anyone can help me out to get thier work, I would appreciate it.


I take it this is a music cd? If so did you try to copy it to your harddrive first? Does it play ok from there?

Yes it’s an Anime music CD.
Well the Avex protection doesn’t allow you to see the CD tracks there. Instead a little program is installed which lets you play a low quality WMA version of it which doesn’t seem useful at all.

I tried coping the tracks to the HD using EAC(exact audio copy) but I didn’t quite have luck because I can hear gaps or errors which are from the protection. Very much like the burned CD which played with the exact same thing.

The protection is talked about it here.


Well I just used my other computer which has the Plextor 12/10/32A and it works by surprize! it even detected lots of errors too! Amazing!!