Getting through Megaupload, RapidShare

Hi, I was getting kind of frustrated with Megaupload and rapidshare since it only allows you to download a certain amount in a estimate amount of time. My friend said there was a proxy to get through it so you can download without waiting for your time to return…

Can someone help with this?

Disconnect from your isp and reconnect then you’ll get a new ip (if it’s not static) and you can download without big timelimits.

I get the same IP even if I disable the modem and reconnect, any other ideas?

maybe an idea about a proxy?

You can try a proxy although speed will be probably not the same as you’re used to have because using the proxy.

I heard of this deveopment before but isn’t it limited to the ISP or bandwidth of the server and connections between the server and user computer? Unless your connected T3 or straight fiber from server to your computer that would be the fastest connections. What are you download that would required such a mega download connections?

Roms that are hard to find, umm, what proxy is there?

My friend said there were free proxies, im willing to try anything because a 3hour wait in between in a killer.

Any Help? Been waiting for a reply x_X

look here

You can always try paying. It works perfectly.


this is why those site keep updating their site :slight_smile:

anyway, buying a premium account from Megaupload is the best method. I hate Rapidshare because of their stupid limit downlaod even for Premium user.

With MU (megaupload) premium i can’t dowload about 8GB a day (at 156KB/sec top fo my high speed connection) in one month i got 250 GB of anime movies worth. Well, uh… there would be more if it wasn’t for the last 10 days of my membership when i cancelled my connection and move back to dial up :frowning: so i have to give my account away.