Getting the PIPO information


If I were to write a software for detecting PIPO errors, where could I get the apropriate commands. And please do not tell at the manufacturers. I tried getting MMCs from the drive manufacturers but every mail went unanswered or they did not know what I want from them.

Can somebody from the forum give me the commands or a person to contact?

Thanks!! :bow:

Ps: I would also like to know if the test can be relevantly used with majority of drives. As far as I am aware this things are getting implemented by more and more firms? By relevantly I mean a person can make a highly reliable assumption about the quality of burn.

MMC specs can be found at then โ€˜Draftsโ€™.


Just look for MMC#.

As far as I know this is not part of the MMC standard but is implemented only by the manufacturers. And most manufacturers have their own version of comandset (maybe the term MMC was not apropriate).

Manufacturers give the commands away to a few chosen, but for
some reason refuse to make them public. However, you can find them
by yourself by running a scanning app (eg cdspeed) with bustrace
in the background to monitor all scsi commands.