Getting the game to reconize the cd



i have carmageddon and carmageddon splat pack, carmageddon 2 carpocalypse now. i had “carmageddon 3 tdr 2000” and left it at my exgirlfriends in 2002. i’ve been dieing to play it since then. recently i downloaded a torrent of the game, as “ISO image”. unzipped it. and burned it to cd. installed it from cd, but when going to play it it asks to insert cd… how do i get it to reconize the cd???

i’ve read the newbie reminder on copyright and not sure if this applies to me since i do/did own a copy that i bought…


Sorry, what your asking is not acceptable according to our rules… I suggest you buy new copies, or beg your old Girl Friend to send them to you…


Yep - thread closed.