Getting Strange popup error

Hi i’m new to the forum i have a problem, when i open a folder containing video files i get this error…

I found someone with the same error the guy who posted on this forum someone also posted a solution he’s nickname was EyeForOne. But i don’t understand the solution he posted. Please can anyone help me. :sad: I have a different system and running on xp home sp2.

Please anyone? i’m really freaking out.

What error… are you getting ???

The error is not conclude. Do check to see if u are not infected. The error message seems generated by a virus

I agree with Andrei - it looks malware related. Time to do some sweeps, Ed.

Oh… just noticed your comment about this being in another thread. Could you post a link to it?

What happens if you customise the folder to be of type any document type , rather than Video files?

this is the error i’m getting… :sad:

If this just started happening, a possible solution is to do a System Restore to a system checkpoint before the problem started.