Getting static/buzzing in audio CDs.. please advise!

Hi… I got a Lite-On LTR-48246S 48x24x48 a couple weeks ago from Took out my old CD-ROM and made the new burner the master drive. Hooked it all up using a new IDE cable. The first CD I burned (from MP3s) came out perfect… no problems. A week later I went to burn a Metallica CD for my friend (again MP3s downloaded from Kazaa) and now I get static and buzzing in the background. Its extremely annoying. I have used Nero, Exact Copy, and Fireburner but got the same buzzing/static. Converted the MP3s to waves then burned in Nero… no change. Tried using Memorex media instead of the Smartbuy ones I bought… no change. I am totally lost. No one seems to know what might be wrong. If anyone here has ANY idea on how to fix this please let me know because Im about to send the drive back to newegg for a new one. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Im using Windows 98SE on a Gateway computer with a P3 550Mhz and 128 megs of RAM. CDs burn correctly without any errors noted while burning.


first of all, read the forum rules. I think what you are doing is illegal and not permitted on this forum and my guess is your thread is going to be closed very soon!

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well thanks… I hope someone might have some insight on what might be going on… I disconnected the IDE cables and reconnected them and tried to burn a CD… same result… still staticy. I have tried to use different MP3s and get the same result as well so its nothing to do with the MP3 quality.

If the discs are burned and show no errors, then it’s not the RW drive. Use CDSpeed to check the burned CD’s for read-errors.
How fast are your burning? Have you tried slowing the speed?

I have burned as low as 4x. Im starting to think that it is the drive because it worked perfectly once then after that it hasnt worked right at all. Also I burnt a BIN file to a CD a few days ago and got errors after I burnt the CD when I tried to access the CD in my computer. Said the startup file was corrupt. I already too my drive out and Im going to send it back for a replacement. Hopefully the new one will work otherwise I dont know what Ill do.

first check that the actual sound cable for your cdrw drive, or the drive you are playing back on is connected properly and not loose.
Or use digital playback.

if it’s the burner…

  1. Aspi layer.
  2. NERO decoder sux ass. use lame to decompress, or at least winamp to convert to .wav first.
  3. turn off all audio processing in nero, maybe use the nero filter to filter out the buzz.
  4. use different cd’s that have a higher reflective index, ie better quality.

Upgrade Nero. That could help. Or reinstall it. And yes… Nero MP3 decoder sux ass =)


Originally posted by debro

  1. Aspi layer.
  2. NERO decoder sux ass. use lame to decompress, or at least winamp to convert to .wav first.
  3. turn off all audio processing in nero, maybe use the nero filter to filter out the buzz.
  4. use different cd’s that have a higher reflective index, ie better quality. [/B]
  1. nopp 2) yes 3) maybe 4) Doesn’t mather


Try a firmware update that fixed lots of problems on the 48125W it helped the 48125W burn quality go up by a lot.

thank youa ll for your replies! This is the most feedback Ive gotten about this. I have already converted the MP3s to wavs and burnt it… no luck. Same static and buzzing. I didnt think the audio cable made any difference when burning CDs… I did disconnect and reconnect the IDE cable but that didnt make any difference. I dont think it has to do with Nero or the software because I have used 3 different programs and gotten the exact same results. buzz buzz buzz. The static/buzzing isnt horribly loud but its lud enough to make the audio sound bad and is annoying. So this leaves me with the option of upgrading the firmware. Where might I find the current version of my firmware?

heres an update… I updated my firmware… it was about 2 months out of date… updated successfully… checked in device manager to verify this. Before I did the firmware I noticed that when I pop a CD in (data CD) that I get an error saying that setup.exe is corrupt. Popped my Nero CD in to reinstall that… got the same corrupt.exe message. Popped in my Office 2000 Cd to reinstall that… got the same error message. After the firmware update nothing had changed. Got the same setup.exe corrupt error on data CD and I burnt a audio CD using totally different MP3s than I have used before and even threw a wav in there that I already converted… still got static buzzing on ALL tracks. I am really starting to think this drive is bad. Also I took the burner out and totally reinstalled it. Same old same old… what do you all think?

why dont you try to copy an original audio cd (not made from converting mp3!!). if you still get errors then it is almost definately the drive. wait, it could also be the cpu. i had the same prob except all i could hear was loud static (no music at all!). i replaced the cpu under warranty and it works brilliant now.

good luck;)

heres something interesting… I popped a audio CD (Top Gun soundtrack woot woot!) and I was going to copy it to a CDR and check and see if the buzzing was still there… well when I popped in the top gun CD the buzzing and static was there even off an original CD… its on all tracks as well. So this HAS to be something with this drive… atleast I think it is now. I have used stand alone CD players to chekc the CDRs I burnt and the static is there as well. Whatcha think now?

just for clarification I never did burn the top gun CD… when I popped it into the burner Windows Media Player automaticly started playing it and this is how I realized it was buzzing and staticy.

If you were talking about audio equipment, I’d be thinking about a bad cable or connector.
Get a different drive and swap it in to see if the problem is still there.

well actually when I took the drive out and reinstalled it used the audio cable that came with the burner. I had originally used the audio cable from my old CD ROM but decided to give it a shot. So the audio cable Im using right now is brand new.

well I put my old CD ROM back in my puter. And guess what? No errors when reading data CDs, no corrupt file messages, and the same CD I played on the burner that had a bunch of static in it now play justs fine on the old CD ROM. I am now almost certain that it was a bad drive and Im sending it back for a new one.

at least you liteon 48x burns everything right
i sent mine back for another one
i could live with the problem you have because i dont play audio from the Computer cd player anyway
i would still send it back tho