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I have downloaded But nothing happens

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Can you elaborate better? What have you downloaded? And what is the problem? What do you want to do exactly? :confused:

I have downloaded I want to burn my dvd collection when I click ok nothing happens I had DVDXCOPY Xpress but my nephew took it out accidently now whan I tried to put it back it says application used up is a website. What have you downloaded exactly from that site?

Usually, to install a software it’s sufficient to do a double click with left mouse button on the setup.exe file, and follow on screen istructions.

Do this answer to your question?

I downloaded Anydvd Thanx for your help I am a novice

My people are originally from Abbruzze

Ok :slight_smile:

Then make double click on [B]SetupAnyDVD.exe[/B] and follow on-screen istructions.

When does that come up ? I follow it all the way and I hit OK and it comes off the screen But nothing happens

hmm there is something wrong :frowning:

I suggest to download again the setup and run it: maybe your previous download was faulty.