Getting started on peerweb dc++

I’m pretty new to all the peer share systems but heard from a friend that peerweb dc++ is pretty good.
I have the program installed but and have gone through the settings section and selected that I have at least 3 slots available but when I try to connect it tells me that I only have one slot available and that is why it disconnects immediately.
Could anybody tell me why it appears I don’t have enough slots?
What is a slot also?
Any other good tip for getting started would be cool.
Cheers Matt.

Welcome to the forum, Matt :)…

First thing to do is move your question to the P2P sub-forum - you will probably get better answers there…

You have to have a centin amount of memory shared (i.e. 200mbs 2gigs) It will tell you. I dont use DC++ but I have in the past.