Getting Started - ND-3500 Firmware

Sorry, I know you probably get a lot of these posts but I’m a total beginner and seaching didn’t pay off (I don’t know any other terminology other than Firmware since it has been mentioned to me). I have just recieved a NEC ND-3500 drive and have installed it, but now I’m stuck as to what I can do.

My friend has told me that I can get firmware to allow me to burn at 8x on 4x DVD’s, is this true? Also, what sort of other fuctions will I gain by changing firmware, and what is the best firmware to use for my 3500? ANy help is greatly recieved since I’m lost as to what I can do. Thanks in advance :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


As your drive is new - I personally would not change firmware until I had a few weeks proving it out ("cause if you just happen to have a bad one and hack the firmware you’re gonna be SOL - for a rma)

As far as overburning media - WHY would you want to do that - at the greater risk of burnin’ coasters?

As the 3500 is set through the firmware to me media MID code sensitive - I would STRONGLY suggest that you invest in some Quality media like Taiyo Yuden 8x - the -R’s will burn at 12x and the +R’s will burn at 16x in your 3500 with the firmware that came with it-

You can find “A” grade Taiyo Yuden 8x at at very good prices from a very good reseller-

Happy Burnin’