Getting songs to burn in proper order using nero 6 ultra

ive been struggling to find anything on the net about getting m3u playlist to burn in order in nero 6

when ever i add the playlist to nero it says its in order (seams as if it arrainges with the type tab to the playlist specs). but when the disk completes it plays by artist i (think) in my player (sony psyc d-neo50)

anyone ever use software that they didnt have this problem with?

any insight ?

If its an MP3 (data) disk it will burn them in alphabetic order (by filename). I use WinAmp and a plug-in called ‘Playlist Unpacker’ that adds PL001, PL002, … PLxxx to the file name to keep them in order.

does that plugin work for all versions of winamp?

much gratitude

IIRC it is ver. 5 & 2 compatible