Getting some Datasafe Pro (Taiyo Yuden) 8x DVD-R



hi all just bought some Datasafe Pro (Taiyo Yuden) 8x DVD-R in Spindle 10 for my pioneer 109xla (1.50) will let you know how good when i get them and post some shots here


hi all just got my datasafe pro tys have a look here for my results its a test on ritek g5s and the tyg02 but remember i am using an aopen rom reader for quality tests ok


Datasafe using Taiyo Yuden? Well now that is a new one. Usually E-net wouldn’t dare to touch the likes of Taiyo Yuden, then again they could be using Fake TY media (ie infosmart) which share the same basic media ID code. Anyways, you can’t really get an accurate scan out of anything but the following: Lite-On burners, Plextor burners, Benq burners, and certain models of NEC will also support decent scans with some updates.


On SVP they are as expensive as regular (Pastel, Unbranded…) Taiyo Yuden.

They must be good at those prices.


The SVP Datasafe Pro discs are NOT fake TY.


i dont think these are fakes at all thay have better quality then all my ritek writes also there have been people who have tried them here

and a review of a disk here and i looked at the code and thay use the code GG000121
so thay are not fake at least i hope not

the reading might not look as good as other peoples scans this is becasue i have used an aopen drive to read the quality i only wanted some help on what you thought between my ritek and ty scans if i did a scan on the write drive and software thay would be better dont know how you can say thay are fake when the PIF & PIE quality are far less thna ritek

i think GG codes atr try ty dyes


just thought i let you know the datasafe pros from svp are not fake i got some and on the dvd blank has two codes printed on the clear center and just on the inside dye rim
both codes have GG in the serial number and thay are

clear plastic rim code : WC52A(405748GG) i can just make out the 8 last numbers and letters in brackets which i know for a fact as its a bitch to see these numbers as these a very small and clear the other numbers not in brackets i think are right at the but i can not be to sure as its hard to read them

dye rim code: GG000110


old thread yeh, didn’t see the point in making a new one. just bought 2 spindles of these and since there are no on-site ratings for them I was hoping somebody might be able to tell me what they are like, if they are fake they will go straight back, also what is the build quality like on them as some cheap discs can be very flimsy.


Datasafe has never sold fake MID codes until now (in my experience). The grade of these discs, though, can’t be guaranteed. Datasafe is cheap… don’t expect extra-premium-A-grade TY :wink: - But they should be genuine TYG02.


^^ Agreed :iagree:


well, I used to buy the verbatim branded TY dvd-/+ so I am not expecting anything in that quality bracket as they were (for me anyway) exceptional, but I have moved to printable media now and it’s these or Ritek G05 which seem to be ok in the short term, depends who you ask I suppose.


Short term, almost always OK, but the odd defective disc is not to be unexpected, specially with unbranded discs. For Anything that should last for more than a year or so, NEVER G05 (whatever the brand). :bigsmile:


Actually I have a lot of G05 that are at least 2 years old, play no problems at all, they have been kept well in aluminium storage cases and not used much so that’s probably why. I have never really trusted ritek though, so just hope these datasafe ones can prove fairly reliable.


:disagree: Nothing to do with usage. Discs aren’t supposed to wear with usage*, in case you thought the opposite. Low humidity and temps are what can help keeping unstable discs a little longer…

  • except if you include mishandling, scratches etc in the term “usage”… but this has nothing to do with the inherent stability of the discs.


Hence the term “timebomb” :bigsmile:

I kept my G05s as well as possible, then one day…poof!


Timebomb is a good description - got 2 of these Maxell branded G05’s where of the entire clear centre hub, only 1/4 of it has glue visible :eek:


LOL… mine went poof too!


I’ve had that with RITEK R03 too (Tevion brand, cheap supermarket-grade media).
Seems that Ritek’s bonding is not as good as it was :stuck_out_tongue: