Getting rid of virtual clone drive without wiping hard drive?

ok I Dled VCD for fun a few weeks ago to see if it could help me with a problem disc, it didnt help, so I uninstalled it. but now all my images in DVDD say “elby vcdvirtual mount” and I dont like that. I like slysofts other stuff but any program that behaves like AOL and wont get off your computer totally without wiping the HD really annoys me, how do I remove the rest of it? thanks.

The Uninstaller should have taken care of it. Did you use it to uninstall?

I may have used add/remove program in windows…I didnt think there was a difference but obviously there is…is it still in the registry or something? I think this is causeing shrink to not recognize the iso’s I burn with dvdd…thats why I need it gone. I use anydvd and have tried clone, was gonna pay for it soon, because I think it works better than shrink does, another question olli, could you put in a feature that if you have a disc with an error not related to copy protection that will replace the bad spot whith dummy data and allow you to copy the disc? that would be great…just a thought though

perhaps when all else fails for me, this sometimes works…reinstall the program…then delete using the uninstaller as olli suggests…

thanks mukooh, I did what you said and it worked. :slight_smile:

cool…thanks for letting us know that it worked…that’s something i learned the hardway along time ago…sometimes the simplest things get rid of things that have us stumped the most…now if someone else should ever have that problem…you’ll be able to help them out…

P.s note to olli, I love Anydvd and when i get the money im going to buy a key for clone dvd this was not meant to slam yer proggie! any dvd has saved me a few times already! :slight_smile: