Getting rid of unwnted writing from movie

Hi Guys,
Converted an avi file to dvd using cucusoft, but left with the writing at the bottom of the black bars, any programm which can remove at this stage or one to remove it from the avi stage. Thanks for any help. :sad:

If the writing is in the black bars then you could use VirtualDub to crop the black bars off.

cheers womble, new to this, would I use it in avi form or the converted mpg form.

you would use it in the avi form, then convert it to dvd, however if there are alot of black bars, you may want to make the dvd widescreen and not 4:3 to aviod streching :slight_smile:

cheers guys.

Flippin heck!!!
Any guides you know of guys, don’t know where to start.

if you have msn messenger add me at and ill be glad to walk you through doing it :slight_smile:

Will do mate thanks a lot.

Mailed you mate, did you get it?
If not would really appreciate a walk through on the above.
Cheers mate steve

oh yeh ok, but it would be easyer for me to tell you how to do it on the forum, also anybody can read it so it is of more use, however if you prefer email, let me knoe :slight_smile:

Either way mate on here or mail, but msn means nothing to me (told you I was a newbie newbie)
Thanks a lot.

Knowing a bit about Avisynth would help you out a lot in this kind of situations.