Getting rid of static in VOB files?

I have some older video tapes that contain plays that were recorded on an older VHS camera and I want to transform them to DVD. I have accomplished this task with DVD Decrypter and DVDLAB V1.53, which worked great. My process was as follows:

1.) Record VHS to DVD+RW on stand alone recorder.
2.) Use DVD Decrypter to generate single VOB file
3.) Use DVDLAB to author a DVD and make fancy menus.
4.) Compile DVD in DVDLAB and Burn with Nero

The above process worked great, however I would like to cleanup and amplify the audio portion of the DVD but I am not sure how to go about this. My original plan was to extract the audio from the VOB file and pull it into Adobe Audition V1.5 where I can apply FFT and various filters. Then I wanted to save the audio file and put it back into the VOB file. I did a search on this forum and online and found software that will extract the audio from VOB files but did not see anything that allowed me to put the audio back into the VOB file.

Is this the right approach? Or is there some software that allows me to clean up the audio without extracting data from the VOB? (VOB editor?). A few of the tapes have tape hiss which I know Adobe Audition can remove. any ideas how I would go about this task? Also is there any mismatch in audio to video when the audio is seperated and then put back into the video?