Getting rid of sonic in my dell computer

I did a search and ended up here about dell and sonic. Let me set a foundation so it is understood the entire scenario. (you know like your first trip to the doctor)…ok
i bought this dell computer 5 years ago, (am buying a new one ((Maybe)) next year). 3 times while under warranty my cd/dvd drive has been replaced by dell (it was under warranty)… Dell explained to me that because i am a photographer, well that was why i needed a new cd player/burner. so in the last year when the cd burner (4th time), died, i found a place and they put in a new cd.dvd drive. After about 20 burns it no longer burns or reads my cds. It still plays dvds, so what has been diagnozed is this…
sonic, roxio were to be removed, yes roxio was but sonic cant be as of yet. I had a geek come over and tried, tried to get rid of sonic and it just couldnt be done… so SIGH, the next step is reformatting my computer.
i sure hope i can answer any of your questions (if you have them)…sincerely NICOLE

I was told onece it was dust and that is not the case…

Hi Nicole, welcome to CDF :slight_smile:

I removed your other post about this in the Newbie forum, as it’s best to keep to one thread for a specific problem. :wink:

What’s the name of the Sonic program you have installed currently, and (obvious question here!) have you tried removing it via Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs?

PCdecrapifier should be able to help you.

[QUOTE=deanimator;2126898]PCdecrapifier should be able to help you.[/QUOTE]

I agree. Nice free software. Gets rid all crap PC companies put in PCs. :iagree::iagree: