Getting Rid of Musicmatch



Hi, I tried the search, my son has an RCA Lyra 1071 mp3 player, and it came with musicmatch jb. I’m upgrading to winxp pro and would like to get rid of MM. Are there other programs he can use to rip his mp3’s and transfer them to his player? I don’t think the current vers. of MM will work with XP pro sp2 anyway, we would have to buy it. Thanks


Any number of free programs can rip MP3s. A couple I use include:

  1. iTunes
  2. FreeRipMP3


best ripping software is EAC but it tends to intimidate alot of people when it comes to setting the options

i suggest CDex it’s almost as good as EAC but much easier to setup and uses LAME for mp3 encoding


I guess what I’m asking is does he need a program to manage the stored mp3s? How do you transfer the files to the lyra after they are ripped, drag and drop to the lyra drive? Feel free to flame me if this is really stupid question.