Getting rid of Extra Files left on hard drive




Please can someone help me…I am an idiot! I have only just recently downloaded and began using DVDFab Platinum and have been loving it. The problem is I have copied a few DVDs and then thought that I deleted all the video files from the hard drive. I would go into the full disc folder and delete the files out of the Video_TS folder and then delete them from my trash bin. Well, apparently there must be left over files somewhere becasue my hard drive space is practically all used up and I am sure it is from these movie files. Previously I was using DVD Decryptor along with DVD Shrink and the extra files were always placed in a folder and after burning the disc I would delete them manually along with the original video files.

I have no idea where the extra files are hiding or how to get rid of them. I am freaking out becasue my once almost empty hard drive is now near full capicity and I have no idea what to do or where to look for these extra files to delete them.

Can someone please help me!




You can set DVDFab to automatically delete the temporary files made during a disk copy, in “Common Settings”. If I remember correctly, deletion is the default, so you should not have any leftover files.

You can check for leftover files here:

C:\Documents and Settings<user name>\My Documents\DVDFab\Temp


I did uncheck the box to delete the files after burning as I want to check out the burn and make sure it’s ok. Some I move and save for a while. Others I delete as needed for space. You can tell it where to put the files, but as fchateau said they are usually in My Documents\DVDFab\Temp. When you’re ready to delete, If you right click go down to delete and hold down shift key when you delete they do not go into recycle bin. Welcome to the fourm, I learn a lot here just reading.


I just learned something new here… :slight_smile:


Check in the ISO folder they may be in there if you backed them up on your hard drive.If so all you need to do is right click them and delete them.