Getting really bad burns!

Just bought some Verbatim 4x dvd+r media and i’m getting really bad burns. I’m using herrie’s latest firmware on my NEC 2500 and the media is mcc02. Anyone else having such bad luck. I thought this media is meant to be really good?

DVD-Rom’s are not reliable at all for doing proper Pi/Po tests. Be sure to lock the drive speed to 4x with CD Bremse / CD Throttle then, retry. The best way to test is with a LiteOn burner, since those will give more reliable results!

Well i thought the same about DVDROM not being reliable for PI testing. But now i disagree. It is definitely a good measure in my books.

I used my liteon 165 to verify burns i was doing on datasafe dvd-rs.
The PI with Kprobe was always in hundreds and even in thousands at times.
I did various testing to determine why i was getting bad burns/coasters… After trying different Bios & burning software i took my NEC and put it in mates PC and burnt a 4Gb movie. This was to eliminate issues that the NEC might being having with my system build. I than also did a burn using his Plextor Writer with one of my DVD-r’s of same batch.
I took both home for a comparison using Kprobe & Liteon165.
I was quite shocked with results.
The DVD-r burnt using my NEC was terrible as ever… PI in 600-1200. But when i put in the burn with Plextor…
I got the most beautiful PI chart EVER seen on my PC. Kprobe showed average PI of 9. Yep 9 !. I had a smooth flat graph. This proved to me the Liteon DVDROM was definitely able to show smooth graphs given a well burnt DVD. This was enough for me to prove that my NEC was faulty & i got it exchanged for a 2510. The retailers independant testing also showed the unit was faulty.
So going back to your results i would definitely say something wrong there… The PI should not be that high even using a Liteon DVDROM for testing.
Im convinced that NEC are making bad units (Quality Control!). There is a definite inconsistency in quality of burns people are getting using same firmware, media & software. Your unit might be duff like mine was.

Still I don’t fully agree! Kprobe is designed for LiteOn drives and give an impression about how the discs will work on a LiteOn drive, not on other drives. Various tests have proven that scan made with a DVD-Rom drive are far less reliable then ones made with a DVD-RW drive!

ROM drive scans should ONLY be compared to scans done in the same ROM drive.

Thanks for your thought guys,

Unfotrunately i’m very limited in what drives i can test them in, as i have that dvd-rom and a cd combo, The combo gives me slightly better results, but what i have found is that using my old pioneer 106d i get far better burns, still be read by my 165 dvd-rom.

I find that the burnt discs (xbox games) don’t play at all well if i use my nec2500.

The problem i have is that i have upgraded all at the same time. I changed media, changed book-type, changed recorder. So it looks like i’ll have to do some testing.

some of my old scans look fantastic in my ltd 165.

XBOX doesn’t always play dvd+r.
Depends on ypour xbox dvdrom. If ya have a samsung it plays dvd-r, dvd+rw, cd-r, cd-rw but no dvd+r.
Philips plays almost only the rw’s. And the Thomson plays dvd-r and dvd+r, dvd+rw and cd-rw.

I change book-type to dvd-rom…

The scans that are acceptable play great, but the really bad ones don’t. It’s very hit and miss. I have to scan every disc for fear of a bad burn.

Well to me it is not obvious that you have bad burns. I agree with the comments regarding Liteon readers and writers, but still in that case you are able to conclude from the relative performance.

You didn’t indicate what part of the curve you didn’t like - I suppose it is the last part. Please bear in mind that the reading speed has something like doubled. Therefore make sure that you lock the speed, preferably to CLV, but CAV will also do to some extend (eg. by using CD-bremse). With these measures you can look at the PI/PO curve and see if you can relate that to changes in burn speed (900 MB 4-6x on the NEC 2500A and 2.4 GB 6-8). You can also look at difference at the start and end of the disk - often the burn gets worse even for constant 4x and the outer part of the disk.

To me, the acid test is really the read performance in CD-Speed - if the disk can be read with up to 12x in a smooth graph with my Liteon 163D I am happy and my burns looks just as good half a year later in my experience. From this I conclude that the lifetime of the burns on the disk is longer than of my reader and writer - the pace of technology development tend to make me shift to a higher capacity drive every 5 years or so.

By that time, the problem becomes to convert movies etc. to the new technology, but what the heck - some clever guy will surely develop a tool to do that nicely, as has happend for the last 15 years or so…


I’m looking at the fact that the lowest is around 200…

thats bad. my dad has this drive and i flashed it to herries latest 107 DL firmware and many 4x dvd-rs will be able to write at 8x however this isnt the best speed to burn at. we found many of them including +r are ok to burn at 6x. the nec drive is funny when you read the dvd disc tho, the drive reported it had many damaged sectors but when i scanned it in my ricoh mp5125a DVDRW and my liteon 163D DVD Drive it read perfectly. :eek:

The NEC is not that great a reader. Other readers are better and faster. As stated the acid test is a CD Speed read with a smooth curve all the way to 12x and beyond (I can get smooth curves up to 14x read but only burning high quality media - read expensive - like Verbatim or burning budget 8x rated media at 4x instead).

well looks like it’s the nec as this is what i get in my liteon 832:

ps i know the media has changed, but when compared against the same media burnt in the nec, it is a billion times worse!!

Well burn the same media in your NEC and do a Kprobe test on the disc burned with your NEC! I’m pretty convinced you’ll get better results (at least I do with TY discs!)

yeah i do, much, much better. Looks like this verbatim isn’t anyway near as good as there other stuff…

Really disappointed with this.

On the xbox front, it seems my phillips drive doesn’t like -rom booktype, -r is slow but +r is perfect.

Herrie is absolutely right.

Here is a TY G01 burnt at 8X in the NEC 2500A and scanned for transfer rates en cdspeed3000.
The curve is the same if burnt at 4X.


Forgot the attachment

Kprobe of same TY G01