Getting ready to install cdrwin w/my pioneer dvr-a09xl



so i’m getting to install cdrwin on my machine, i see on the website

All of our software requires … you have the proper ASPI drivers installed on your system. …see the section … the ASPI drivers which are available from Golden Hawk Technology, Adaptec, LSI Logic, and Symbios.
:confused: which ones?? Adaptec? geez?!

so far i’m at and am on my way to test what version of the aspi drivers i have installed.

i’m searching the forums of course on “aspi” and my drive “pioneer dvr-109” :o ouch> the latter doesn’t look to good as it seems there have been alot of problems w/ this drive.

hope it can pull off a few good backups before this system gets retired anyway…

any suggestions from experience with aspi & cdrwin or anything pertaining to this?



ok… so i understand what the ASPI drivers do now.

I went with FORCE_ASPI so i have the adaptec 1.60 installed which what i read currently is still the most stable & reliable.

So what do i choose to install the ASPI drivers that come w/ cdrwin??


Why would you install a 5 yr old CD only writing program to use with new hardware?:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
I’m not sure that CDRWIN will even detect your DVD writer, let alone write correctly. :doh:

To answer your question. Download a copy of aspime, or Forceaspi (ye olde version).
Builds 1008 & 1021 of the adaptec aspi layer are relatively stable. 1013 & 1017 will cause issues. I think that briefly 1019 was around also. It was unstable at best, which, I suspect, was the reason adaptec released 1021 so quickly after 1019.


:clap: lol good question… & thanks for the lowdown on ASPI :smiley:

Why would you …? …not sure that CDRWIN will even detect your DVD writer, let alone write correctly.

:disagree: believe it or not not the tiny lil’ app was just updated last month… it also happens to be a standard when it comes to ripping old game console disks… to answer your question.

thanks again.



Also, be aware that when CDRWIN left off, many years ago, it was surpassed in features by dedicated disc copying utilities.
Discdump (freeware)
Blindwrite Suite

Another group started marketting a new “CDRWIN v7”, but this mob had unlawfully assumed the name & the software was a fake.


I’d almost forgotten Jeff Arnold’s website… years have passed… :eek:
but in the supported devices list I read that e.g. the PX-760A is now supported (but not the Pioneer 111, Nec 4570/1). :wink:

Regards, :slight_smile:



The last version I ever downloaded was 3.7b :slight_smile:

My burning proggie favourite based solely on the size of the programs since the functionality (at the time) was much the same, but I only had 56K dialup :stuck_out_tongue:

And then, internet speeds, HD sizes, memory size & CPU speeds exploded the difference between cdrwin & Nero was no longer significant :wink: but, nero kept developing whereas CDRwin stagnated.

After that I received a OEM copy of Nero4 with a burner and I didn’t really look back.