Getting ready to burn my 1st DL Disk



I’m a hound for quality burns. I’ve finally got a good reason to burn some double layer media. I’ve got three drives that can do it (BenQ 1620, NEC3500 & LG4163B). The crap is too expensive to do “trial” burns…I selfishly want immediate success.

Just looking for some experienced DL folks with some recent tips like best software (Nero, DVDecrypter, etc.), drive I should use or any “gotchas” I should be aware of.

My initial idea is to use the BenQ with bitsetting, burned with DVDecrypter (of which I have limited burning experience, but lots of ripping experience)…


The combo you have selected would be my recommendation. Make sure you are using quality media though.


Thanks for the quick reply…

Forgot to mention that…I’ll be using Verbs…


i’ve burned about 6 Verb +R DLs successfully with DVD Decryptor so i’m not about to change :wink:


I’m not overly impressed by my DW1620’s DL performance so I’m not sure I would choose that drive (I use my Plextor for DL).
For .iso DVD decrypter should be fine. If you want to burn a VIDEO_TS dir. directly I would recommend Recordnow, everything else seems to f-ck up the layer break.


There are a couple of threads on this subject over at:

I’ve done a few DL burns with the 1620 on Verbatims. Latest DVDDecrypter, ISO Read -> ISO Write. Layer break was fine on two players. It’s okay to remove PUOs, but significant file modification?..Dunno, I’m not convinced, although some claim that DVDDecrypter can still do the layer break just fine. Settings -> ISO Write Mode -> Layer Break -> Calculate Optimal. I’m letting others do the expensive testing for now :wink: .


Thanks for the replies…I’m not all that confident.

I’ve Encore authored footage I shot of my wife’s business (no…not pRon). Usually with Encore, I transcode to ISO and burn to RW for checking. If the disk checks out okay, I rip the files back to the harddrive and burn to ‘+/-R’ format. One thing about Encore ISO’s, is that they don’t include the always present, and usually empty, AUDIO_TS folder for increased compatibility.

I won’t have this luxury with DL media. I may be able to go directly to IFO, VOB files from Encore.

@JSL - What version of RecordNow does the job with DL media? I do run version 4.5 with my Liteon/2500 burners. It’s mighty old now, and sure it doesnt’ support DL.

@fritzi93 - Yeah, I’ve read some stuff from Edmund Blackadder on the subject at I’m just throwing the subject out on this forum to broaden my research.

The layer break seems to be the tricky part. I know support for dual layer is in Encore…I guess I’ll be doing some of my own testing…ouch my pocketbook!


I think it’s 7.2+ for DVD+R DL and 7.3+ for DVD-R DL.


My only suggestion is to use Verbatim media.

I tried Memorex DL disks, and 4 out of 6 failed. I have burned ~9 Verbatim DLs without any problems.

You will notice that the burns on DL disks (esp. layer 2) are not as good as single layer disk.



Yeah, using Verbs…got 6 to play with…there’s an echo in my wallet.

What did you burn with? RecordNow?

ISO or Video_TS files?


I use DVD Decrypter to burn ISO images.

I have used DVD Shrink to burn in file format in the past. However, I find that I get a cleaner/better burn using DVD Decryper. (Plus it’s much faster. Using DVD Decrypter, I can bypass the encoding/analyzing part of DVD Shrink).



Encore’s ISO’s are crap…no AUDIO_TS folder, and the VIDEO_TS folder is lower case…not good for overall compatibility.

I’m going to transcode to dvd files (as opposed to iso)…

Think I’ll pick up RecordNow (seems to do layer breaks very well in data mode from what I’ve read), and burn on my LG. I like the scans I’ve seen here with the LG over the BenQ using DL.

I’ll burn another with Nero and my BenQ, just for comparisons…not going to make a habbit of it though…too much $.


I have a NEC3500 and I use 1 Click DVD copy with Verbatim +DL’s. I am very happy with the quality of the burned copies. The process is fairly slow, I would guess around one hour total. But I think that part of the slowness is due to my 4 year old Dell.

The Problem is that I did not find this forum soon enough and I had to replace my DVD players because my older players would not read the + format.

Kind of putting the cart before the horse but I didn’t know any better at the time.


What would be a good software package that would give low PI/PIF scan for Single layer Video_TS and for ISO,nrg,img? I am not ready for DL burning yet. So please give your thoughts
thank you


good hardware


Roger that :iagree:

I must stress GOOD MEDIA.

Media and hardware make all the difference. Burning software makes an insignificant difference.


got both, all my blanks are mostly TY, Maxell, and MCC, and I GOT NEC-3500, BenQ 1620 pro, both with latest FW


Burn, baby, burn…I wouldn’t worry too much about bad scans with that combo.