Getting READ ERRORS during verification using NEC 2510A.. Help needed

Hey guys,

I’m a complete n00b to these forums so bear with me…

I have a NEC 2510A and I am currently having problems burning DVD’s (either backups or just regular DATA disks). The burn looks like it goes through successfully in NERO but during the verification process it tells me there are READ ERRORS and it stops the verification process.

When i test the DVD’s out in my DVD player they play well for the most part, but when they get to a certain point either the movie slows down & garbles up or just gets a hiccup and continues.

I tried two different media on this drive. I’ve tried ULTRAN 2X-4X speed Silver Top DVDS and HOUSEBRAND 2X-4X Silver Top DVD’s. I am having the same problems when verifying the data after the burn.

I think it might be the media thats causing the problem, but how can I have the same problem with 2 different media?

I also tested out my original batch of ULTRANS 2X-4X Silver tops (which I bought a few months back), and it worked great on that batch, but the new DVD batch (along with the HOUSEBRAND DVD’s) which I got give me problems like i described…

Can someone help me try to figure out what the problem is? How can my DVD player which had no problems burning DVD’s… now have problems in the NERO verification process? Could there be some settings which are out of whack?

Any help would be appreciated.

It sounds like you have already identified the problem, bad media. If one batch of media works, and another batch doesn’t work, then the answer is pretty obvious. You might want to download DVDIdentifier and post the MEDIA ID (mid) for these bad discs, so that others can avoid them.

yeah, but two different batches from 2 different companies having the same problem?

I think thats a little too coincedental to just be a bad batch…

If I was having problems burning only one type of Media, then I can see it being a bad batch… but i can’t burn from either…

I also test out both DVD media on my MATSHITA DVD-RAM Multidrive SW-9571 and get the exact same problem on both different DVD media…

i dunno…


Crap Media = Crap Burns - whereas - Good Media = Good Burns

Proven time after time and case after case-