Getting "random" playlists using cdimage -o



I just bought a new video headunit for my car (AVIC-F90BT) but it doesn’t have random for videos in folders, it will only play them sequentially by filename. It’s annoying when you have over 200 video files and you’re stuck watching the same 5 ones because they’re the first 5 that come up. Yeah, I can skip forward, yeah, I can jump directly to a #'d file, but I can’t “random” it.

So here’s what I’ve come up with:

  1. Create a multi-directory structure such as root:\playlist_1, root:\playlist_2, root:\playlist3, etc.
  2. Have a copy of every single file in every single directory
  3. Use a file renamer to randomly assign gibberish filenames (hence making the play order by alphabetical random)
  4. Use CDImage to make an iso so that even though there are multiple copies, they’re all sym-linked and it’s still under DVD-DL size.

I can do 1 2 3 4 no problem and it works…

My question is whether or not there exists a tool so that I can make this iso without having to have multiple copies of each file before CDImage mastering, or whether or not windows has a ln -s type file that I can just use symbolically linked files to create this iso from the getgo saving me hard-drive space. Any suggestions?

Ideally, I could create root:\playlist_1 all the way up to root:\playlist_500 and my only limitation is my hard drive mastering space (I have enough room for about 5 copies which limits me to 5 playlists)… I’m wondering if I can do everything symbolically and do an infinite number of playlists/filled directories. Then, when I’m in my car, I can just hit “search folder” for a random seed number of 1-500 and I’ll have a psuedo-random playlist.


Answered my own question with mklink /h

so here’s a short tutorial:

  1. make 500 or so directories
  2. copy source files into directory 1
  3. hardlink all files to directory 2 (batch file probably help)
  4. use file renamer to randomize directory 2’s names
  5. etc.
  6. burn cdimage iso



I just got finished testing it with a modest 5 directories… works like a charm.