Getting Power Producer to talk to Pinnacle

I am in the process of attempting to build a birthday video but as it’s some time since I last did that I’ve forgotten practically everything I had learnt. I use Pinnacle Studio 10.6 and am alright as far as capturing photographs and building the actual video but I had forgotten how to capture the video clips that I want to use.
It took me hours before someone was kind enough to tell me that I needed a “capture card” if that is the correct term, to get the VCR to talk to the PC but as I did not know what such a thing would cost I tried another method to capture the VCR content.
Someone then gave me a device called an, “Xpert DVD Maker” with “Power Producer Gold” software and I managed to get that talking to my PC and even saw the clips it was taking but I could not work out how to save those to my PC hard drive.
So, three questions:

  1. What sort of price would I expect to pay for a capture card?
  2. Is it possible to get the results of what , “Xpert DVD Maker is obtaining into my PC hard drive?
  3. Am I missing a point and is there a more effective way to do this?