Getting playback error

I just started using DVDFab Platium because I purchased some Region 2 DVD’s and wanted to remove that limitation so I could watch on my regular DVD.

I have tried several different ways to do this and I keep getting “Playback feature may not be able, please eject disk”.

The original DVD plays okay on my computer but would like to be able to watch them on my regular TV.

I have read the FAQ and other areas of the guide and I can’t seem to get it to work. I know I must be doing something wrong, well at least I hope so or I wasted $50.

I tried creating an iso first and then creating the DVD and then I tried creating DVD as the same time as copying it.

Any help to this newbie with type of work would greatly be appreciated.

I assume you are in region 1 which is NTSC format and your region 2 DVD’s are PAL, a totally different video format. DVDFab will remove the region code but will not change the video format.

Hi clpease and welcome to cdfreaks,

90312 is exactly right.
For a little insight you may want to look at a couple links I just posted for a related question on the thread:

help with a region 4 dvd to region 1

Hello again clpease and sorry for the short answer but my wife came in with a side of baby back ribs from a locally famous BBQ restaurant, I got distracted. First off read the links maineman has provided, it’s good stuff. Secondly I think your best bet is to get yourself a region free player, they are not too expensive and will play DVDs from any region. You can convert PAL to NTSC but it is a pain. I will include a link that is a “how to guide” with software you might already have.

Convert PAL <----> NTSC