Getting pictures and .avi files onto a digital picture frame..?



Hi, I REALLY don’t know what I’m doing… Only want to ask a question and get some advice. I want to purchase a digital frame, namely the Digital foci IMT 083 . My concern is …I have my videos from my cannon camera in “My Pictures” as avi…the “frame” does mpeg. What? so right away I’m looking to find out what that means… I just want to be able to show jpes and my avi videos… what do I do? I don’t really want to get into conversion…is that my only course? …Help?


Hi [B]joyce.joyce[/B], and welcome to CD Freaks. :slight_smile:

I moved your post into the main part of the Newbie forum, where you will probably have a better chance of getting some help.

There’s not much information available on that frame; only the standard manufacturer’s blurb and no reviews that mention containers (which is what ‘.avi’ is) for moving-image formats. True, it does say MPEG4 but the acceptable containers for that might be restricted to .MP4 or .WMV. I think your best bet is to load some of your .avi clips on a memory card and take them down to a shop nearby that sells these things. Ask them to demonstrate it with your own movies.


Thank you… Great idea. I live in a very rural area on Maryland’s Eastern shore of the chesapeake, and don’t have access to many “real” retail store. lol… Maybe I’ll make it happen. My knowledge on electronics is limited and my computer “guru” took off for the islands last month…Where are they when you need them??? OFF SAILING!!! Thanks again… j.