Getting Panasonic DVD-RAM drivers working with DW-G120A/SHM-165P6S




I am trying to get the DVD-RAM feature of my drive getting to work on my W2k box. I’ll have to edit the dvdram.inf file, and now I’m stuck. Is there anybody out there, who can point me to the right direction?

There had been a thread about patching the dvdram.inf file for a Liteon drive, but I have not been able to find it here.

Thanks in advance,


Post the dvdram.inf and I’ll be glad to help. :slight_smile:


I attached the original dvdram.inf I found in my drivers package.

regards, Michael (5.67 KB)


Try this file, it was working here. Take a good look at it and you can see where the new entries are. (5.77 KB)



I wish, I could spend you a virtual Flens (Plop!), but I failed getting this working. This might be due to the fact, that my drive is connected via USB, and the strings to be used might be different from those of IDE connected drives. :frowning:

regards, Michael


I am getting closer - managed to install the second drive, but I don’t have write access yet. System reports I/O error :frowning:
But this is not a hardware issue, the drive works under Win98SE and XP Pro64 eval :wink:


Suggest you put the drive on IDE to see if the driver works.



the driver works fine with my internal LG4163B. It also works with external drives: I got a LG4167B, intended for my brother. I connected it with my USB/IDE adapter and hooked that onto my machine. The driver recognises the drive and installs all the necessary devices. So the driver works, and the hardware is also okay. Seems, as I’ll have to fiddle with the device strings…