Getting OPTODISC-OR4-000 to work in 811s?

got a stack of 50 OPTODISC-OR4-000 tried burning 4 of them all with terrible results PI and PO over 1400 basicly coasters , my drive is a 401@811s HSOQ have not had any prob getting good burns from any other media i have tried.

i am wondering if anyone else has had this problem. and found a write strat swap that would work using omnipatcher or something. it looks like i am stuck with them ( diff story, thought they were ganna be tys , samsung label ) so it would be nice if i could use them…

thanks for any help

whats speed are you burning them at? try Prodisc R03 if you’re burning at 8x, Prodisc R02 and Yuden T01/00 - the’se gave me best results.

I had horrific results with optodisc you mentioned with 812s and all firmwares I tried… they are readable (for the moment) but k-probe tests are awful (I wonder how the unit still reads these discs). I tried even sony and teac firmware without any luck.

i tried about 4 at the rated 4X speed. one at 2.4x the slower one was better like 700’s on kprobe that is still not exceptable in my oppinion. i am going to try some diff write stats on them and see if i have any luck i will post back if i fine one that works.

thanks for the replys

are you saying try the Disks themselfs ? or try there write stat on the optodisks that i have ??