Getting ONLY 16x on Taiyo Yuden made cd-r's

Why am I only able to burn at 16x on my Plextor 2410a with a cd manufactured by Taiyo Yuden? As I recall, they’re suppose to be one of the best cdr makers out there. I was expecting their cdr’s to be able to burn at the max 24x. Using 1.02 firmware btw.

Well if they’re only certified to go to 16x the Plextor will refuse to write faster if it ‘thinks’ it will produce lesser quality at a higher speed. This doesn’t mean the Taiyo Yuden’s are bad CD-R’s though. They just weren’t made for these high speeds (something you should have checked before buying them ;)).

Actually… I did check them though. It bears a FujiFilm name but was really made by TY. The label clearly says 1x up to 24x write speeds on the spindle…

Does not sound like its the media, check to see in the burn speed list before you put in a disk in the drive if 24x is available.

I have TDK 16/10/40X and can burn old old old Maxell gold 4x CDR at 16x without problem so far, i would not recommend it to anyone though.

I didn’t do an actual burn with the cd but rather I just did a simulated burn with nero cdspeed just to see if it works with that speed. As I recall, the plextor 2410 has a feature that’s suppose to detect the best write strategy for a given media. I’m guessing write speed is affected by this somehow.

If you were only simulating why did you say "Why am I only able to burn at 16x " burning and simulating aren’t the same.

gamesfreak is correct. Although the Fujis say that they are 24x media. The plextor will only burn them at 16x. Someone has suggested perhaps Fujis’ stock of media from TY may be old and they haven’t started to get the certified 24x stuff in yet.

I know that other burners will burn the Fuji at 24x, but it is generally the newer burners or ones that have had recent fw upgrades. Perhaps, in time, Fuji will start getting the “good stuff” and this problem will go away.

I have a Plex 24x burner and a bought Fujis discs burned them no problem at 24 or an other speed. I also bought some RCA cdr made by Ritek rated for 16 and they burn well at 24 as well.

I don’t understand. How come you have no trouble burning at 24x but when I try to burn the cd brand of cdr on the same drive, I can’t burn at that speed??

How lond did it take for your cds to burn master_ice? You cannot go by what the software says. You have to check the burn by time. If you burn 650 MB of data, the burn should take approx. 4 minutes. Check the size of your data disk and the time it takes for the burn and let us know. You might be surprised at the result.

Don’t worry Orunitia, I and thousands of others have had this same problem. It’s the media. I just burned Fuji 24x cds last night on several Plexs (640 MB) and it took between 5:14 and 5:18 to complete the burn. It burned the data at 16x. Other media I burned took between 3:56 and 3:39, so it is not the burner. Get some Taiyo Yuden (Sony 16x, HP 24x) or Yamaha (Mutsui 24x) and you should have no problem burning at 24x.

Thanx for the heads up. I’m guessing those brands you’ve mention carries the newer TY cdr’s that allow for 24x writing. The time it takes for me to burn a full 700 meg cd is about 5 mins also.

I’m home for Christmas aand I won’t be able to take a look excatly how long it takesuntil sunday. But what I cna tell you for sure is that the LED on the burner is more rapid then when it starts. Firmware 1.02 200ms for 16X, 100ms for 20X and 50ms 24X . And I to see all these different rates during the burn (This is normal).

I was able to burn 612 MB on to the 700 MB disc in 4:05 with these discs to burn the full 700 it would take another 25 seconds. (88MB*1024/3600). Taking into consideration of the time of the lead in and lead out this in my opinion is a 24x Z-CLV which the Plextor is. However 4 1/2 mins is a little to longer then it should be however that is what i normally get.