Getting old games to work

i got sam and max & day of the tentacle on cd however when i try to play them i don’t get any sound. now i know these games are old but i have had sound in the past. please does anyone know how to get these gems to work?
i’m using win xp


Try this. Right click on exe file. There is Compatibility and try to put there Windows 98. I am not sure that i will help

Forget it man. I don’t think you can do anything with these games (or with this Windows).
Get yourself a Soundblaster128PCI. It has this nice thingie which emulates old soundcards like SB16, Adlib, Roland, etc.
But I guess it only works in dos mode… which Win XP dosen’t have.

Don’t you just hate this system?

if they are dos based, booting to dos is easy ;). you may want to check the readme’s on the games, and see what sound mode they are trying to play in, just to have something to work with for us here.

Haven’t checked if they have anything useful here but probably worth a look. They have a catalog of games confirmed working in XP / W2K