Getting new harddrive

Hi guys,i have dell e-510 with 160g harddrive.I want to buy a new hd to use it as a backup,i could get any hd or for dell i should get samething specific?

any 3.5" sata ii (ii=2) hard drive will fit just fine , you should have 3 sata ports free , better get a seagate one for the 5yr warranty , backup is always good but most of us are too lazy to backup things manually so its best to use a backup software to get the job done,second copy is my favorite

thanks,can i jast get external hd and copy everything from my existing to the new one and use it if samething happens with my old one?

you didnt mention its gonna be an external , usally any external should fit considering nearly all have usb+firewire connections and all pcs in the last 7yrs or so have usb so i thought your asking cuz its gonna be an internal one , external hard drives are good for storage/playing audio+video/some light video editing/running low profile games but are defintly not idle for running an operating system from , cuz they are slower and not every motherboard allow booting from usb storage devices , however external hard drives are not special hard drives in any way , they are actually standard hard drives in an external enclosure… so in thoery you could open it and take out the hd and connect it internal… (as long as its in the right inches,see some externals are 2.5 and those drives wont fit in a desktop pc,and as long as you got an available ide connection…) , anyway if your gonna get an external theres several things you should know

a) all one peice external hard drives have only 1yr warranty,in rare cases 2yrs , that is why its best to buy the hard drive and the ext
ernal enclosure in seperate , youll get more warranty at least 3yrs or 5yrs if youll buy a seagate , i highly recommend avoiding maxtor/hitachi as they are the worst , youll have to buy an ide hard drive along with that external enclosure , sata drives are not idle for externaling so to speak , btw did you know that every one-piece external hard drive have an ide drive inside?..

b) when buying in seperate , you can pick between 2.5" to 3.5" hard drives , basicly the diffrences are , first of obviously a 2.5"+external enclosure will be way smaller+far less heavy , also 2.5 external enclosures are bus powered means no need for an ac adapter to plug to the wall socket… , on 3.5 enclosures ac adapter is always needed , also considering 2.5 hard drives are made mainly for laptop use they should survive in higher temperatures…, the downside is that 2.5 hard drives are much more expensive then 3.5+lower in capacity

c) materials , there are two for external enclosures , plastic & alumium , its best to avoid plastic as its bad for heat disposition , aluminum is the better choice by far

d) some external enclosures have a fan , on some its 40mm and on others its 80mm , theres no sceintific proof but its believed a hard drive will live longer when cooled , so i highly recommend getting one with a fan perferably 80mm , 2.5 external enclosures dont have a fan or at least i havnt seen one with a fan but thats alright from a reason mentioned in b)

[B]edit[/B] btw firewire is faster then usb by about 10%

Wow!That’s a nise reply!So i think i’d better get internal hd 'couse this is complicated for me.Do i need aditional cooling for second hd?

well it basicly depends on the case cooling , if it have good cooling then special hard drive cooling is unnessary , how many fans does it have? and whats their sizes? 80/92/120 mm…

I use an external 500GB Western Digital MyBook Premium Edition, and it works fine. I keep all of my DVD/game backups on it. I really wouldn’t bother with putting your own enclosure together. Externals are portable and really easy to set up. Plug in the USB cable and the AC power cord, push the power button, and you’re set. Forget about the warranty, too. I mean, if the drive dies, your data is gone either way.

What’s cool about the MyBook Premiums is that they have an eSATA port for high-speed transfers and free backup-scheduling software. :smiley:

why not? its not complicated , and the warranty is way longer which is an important thing

I have one. I don’t know the size of it but it look’s big.

i assume you were refering to the case fans right? , anyway whatever size it is 1 case fan really isnt good enough , does it have some extra places for fans?

i don’t think’s so.that fan takes alot of space and i don’t see any other space that i could put another fan.

The minimum number of fans that I’d ever operate with is two. In my opinion, you need at least one intake fan, which blows fresh and cool air in, and one outtake fan, which blows the stale and hot air out. The only problem with intake fans is that dust bunnies collect a lot more quickly, but the increase in cooling is more than worth it.

I put my two intake fans in the front of the case and the two outtake fans in the back, letting the air cool all of my components. These numbers exclude the CPU, GPU, and PSU fans of course.

80mm fans are most prominent, but I guess you could have something bigger, like a 120mm fan. Either way, you need another fan. They’re so cheap that there’s no reason not to get one.

i would get one ,but i don’t know where to put it. it’s a factory case (dell e-510).

its probably a 120mm one , considering your case cooling isnt the greatest and it seems you got no extra fan slots , better get a hard drive cooler to be on the safe side , maybe even 2 for both of the hard drives (current & new) , anyway get something like this

dont buy any of those boxed hard drive coolers they just dont let it breath :iagree:

well there is , if your case got no room for em :doh:

If you don’t have enough space in the case, you could always get one of those fans that are placed in the 5.25" drive bay, like this, or a PCI slot fan, like this or this.

thanks guys,i think i’ll get one for the hdd, hope it’s gonna fit.

i just foundout that if i put a new hardwear purchased from sameone ather than dell i could kiss my 3-year warranty goodby.

Not so. They cannot refuse to honor a warranty, it’s the law. If YOU screw something up, or if the new hardware causes some problem, they can refuse to cover that, which is only fair. Most people simply don’t tell them that they have added hardware. But an external hard drive solves all these issues and causes no problems.

why don’t u buy an internal drive the same size and do a mirroring raid 1 if u are concerned about data safety?