Getting New DVD recorder. please help!



Ok i am definitaly new to this dvd recording thing so please bar with me.

I have been transferring video via firewire, from my motorola comacast hi-def dvr box to my pc and recently noticed i cant transfer shows with 5c copy protection on them. i needed a way to copy these shows and so i went in these forums and people said that some dvd recorders will do it.
So i decided im going to get a dvd recorder. I have heard and read some bad stories on all the faults and glitches with dvd recorders, and how only a very few produve good results and a very few let your record copy protected material.

Can someone please point me in the right direction to the best dvd recorder i can get.

My requirements listed from most important to least are :
1)be able to record NFL channel 5c copy protected shows from my comcast motorla dct6412 cable box.
2)recorder that produces high quality dvd’s.
3)compatible with dvd-r’s
4)allows me to record Hd signals through svideo and have the resulting dvd anamorphic widescreen.(i know all recorders downscale the signal to 480i but my main concern is i want the show to keep its widescreen effect when its burned to the dvd.
5)Basically and all around quality dvd recorder. i heard JVC was the best.

EDIT : oh and i would possibly like the recorder to have HDMI output on it. but if there are no “quality” recorders with HDMI then i geuss i can get a seperate dvd player with HDMI out.

Any suggestions??? i only want the best :slight_smile:


hmm anybody :confused:

I heard JVC and PIONEER are the best, but does anyone know of any of te dvd recorders from this brand that can be hacked to pass copy protection from cable tv. or does anybody know of any drives that will let me copy from the tv using svideo and will ignore copy protection?