Getting nec to write at 1x

Hi I have a nec 2500A and am usiing herries b5 firmware which is great. Anyway I’m trying to get my burner to burn at 1x but I can only currently select 2.4 - 8 so I’ve reinstalled the official firmware and now I only get 2.4 4 on my ridisc ritek disks. I’m copying ps2 games and would like to get my burner to write at 1x could anyone please elaborate if or how this could be done.


IMHO, it’s not possible to select 1x writing speed in ANY of recent DVD-burners. Anyway, I never got problems with 4-6-8x burnings AND quality media.
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The lowest speed you can select for dvd+r media is 2.4x, and the lowest speed for dvd-r is 2x with NEC 2500.

When you choose firmware 1.07, your disk is not supported at 8x, but only at max 4x.

From the FAQ:

Writing at 1x probably won’t help you.

dvd decryptor lets you burn at 1x.

wrong, dvddecripter will let you chouse a burning speed between 1X and 56X it the burners firmware that denotes burning speed.

works for me when I tried it, you’re wrong

Sorry, mattyboy, but acko has given you good advice. If you want to learn, it helps to be open to advice, and not reject it because you want to be right. :slight_smile:

Burn speeds allowed are determined by chipsets, firmware, and media. Software does not determine burn speed even if it lists a speed not supported. If an unsupported speed is selected, the actual burn speed will change to a supported speed. Software just allows the speed capabilities already present in the chipset, firmware, and media to be performed. It can’t override or change them.

There is no point in burning at 1x, but it can be done with OPTODISCK001 DVD-RW media rated at 1x. I got five of these discs free when ordering media. This media is limited to 1x on NEC and Liteon, but the BenQ 1620 will also burn it at 2.4x. :wink: Actually, it burns O.K. with decent quality but who has the patience. :bigsmile:

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Just because you set the speed to 1x in DVD Decrypter doesn’t mean you burned at that speed. The firmware, not the burning program, determines the possible burning speeds.

I have a DVD-R in my 3500. In the Writing Speed dropdown burn speeds from 1x to 56x are listed. Do you think a DVD burner can write at 56x? Look at the images below. What is circled in red? The supported write speeds for the disc currently in the drive…and what does it say? Show us an image from DVD Decrypter that shows the 3500 supports 1x writing.


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Thanks for the view I thought that thanks for clarifying it for me. The games seem to be fine at 2.4x anyway with my riteks. It’s just the guy who chipped my ps2 told me to burn them at 1x although 2 seems fine.

How much data (in mb or gb) did you write to the disc and how long did it take? If you calculate it out you will see the drive is writing at 2x even though the software allows you to pick 1x and makes you think you’re burning at 1x.

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