Getting my VOBs to a DVD with the Menus etc

Hi Guys,

Ive been lurking here for a while as a visitor but decided to join and really like the look of the site.

I have a query and cannot find a similar or answered thread so please bear with me while i ask this.

I have a TV programme which I want to burn to a DVD so that I can simply insert the DVD into a DVD player or drive where it will show the menus, etc and play from chapters etc.

So basically, TV to a DVD with menus etc.
This is where I currently am:-

  1. I have pulled the programmes off my Hard Drive and successfully chopped them down to remove the adverts etc. There are 6 2omin shows in total.

  2. I ran the above files through Free DVD Creator where I designed my menus, backgrounds etc and set the programme to burn. The programme got as far as setting the menus and muxing but hung at Burn as it couldnt find burning device eyc. This seem to happen on my home pc and laptop so im assuming its the programme.

  3. What I now have is a file on my hard drive with the relevant menu and title screens with their relevantt VOB,IFI and BUP files as well as the programmes VOB, IFO, BUP files too.

My question is, How do i go about adding these files to a DVD so that when I insert the disc into a regular commercial DVD player, the menu pops up with my backgrounds and the individual episodes of the programmes are visible to select ???

Basically, i have all the relevant files but when I try to copy them to a DVD, i just get the list of files as if it is a data disc.

Can anyone point me in the relevant direction or suggest a decent programme ( ideally free ) which can do this last step for me ?

Many Thanks in Advance

If your dvd is made properly, the ifo, bup and vob files should be contained in a folder called Video_TS. If they aren’t, simply make a folder with that name and put them in it.

You can burn to disk using ImgBurn. Here is a guide for burning dvd-video with ImgBurn: ImgBurn is free to use.

Thats excellent Kerry.

Very straightforward and have just burnt that off.

I have a minor issue with the sound sync however. The original file pays ok in avi format but is about 2 secs off once it has been converted to VOB then burnt.

I take it I wil have to reconvert the AVIs to VOB/DVD format using a higher audio file ???

Cheers for the reply

To correct the audio/video sync problem you can run the vob files through the Quickstream Fix tool found in VideoReDo TV Suite. This program is not free, but there is a fully functional trial available for download. Its worth a shot.

I would also suggest using a better avi to dvd conversion program like FAVC or AVStoDVD or DVDFlick. All of those are free to download and use. Each will output to a complete dvd ready to burn.

+1 Kerry,

Cheers for the help