Getting my PC to read a hard drive that was in my xbox



hows it goin. i don’t know if this is the right place to post this, but the forums at are down.

my modded xbox got hit by a power-surge last night and it hasn’t turned on since. it was wierd because i had a tv, a cable modem, a reciever, a router, a cable box and my xbox all hooked up to the same splitter, and the lightening killed my tv and xbox and nothing else.

anyways, i’m trying to salvage the 200gb hard drive i had installed in the xbox, and set it up as a slave on my PC. i took it out of my xbox, and i hooked it into my computer like a normal hdd as a slave. in my BIOS, it detects the hard drive without any problems. however, in XP it doesn’t show up.

anyways, i was just wondering if anyone knows what exactly i need to do to prepare this 200gb hdd for xp to read it. is it possible to set this hdd up on my pc without formating it? any help would be great.

also, if anyone has much experience with power surges i could use some advice. what are the chances my tv or xbox will be repairable? it was really wierd because none of the lights in my place went out, and everything else (including stuff hooked into the same outlet as the tv/xbox) kept running without any problems.




It’s possible the drive was damaged by the spike. It is also possible that it was locked to your xbox and that is why XP doesn’t detect it. If you have a buddy with a modded xbox, I would try putting the drive in it and run a utility to unlock the drive. You will not be able to use the drive with your PC unless you format it.

Check out as that is a great source of information and tools for everything related to xbox.