Getting my Mac to record a playable DVD (to play on a Philips DVDR3355)!

Okay, this is my situation: I recently bought a Philips DVDR3355/37 and want to play some videos made on my Mac and PC. My PC has a combo drive and my Mac G5 has a Superdrive DVD recorder.

  1. I’ve recorded some VCDs with Nero and also used Windows’ own record feature to record some avi and divx files and all of these CDs play FINE on the DVD recorder.

  2. I’ve recorded some iDVD videos and DivX to the DVD using the OS to record directly to the DVD. These DVDs play well on both my PC and Mac but NOT on the Philips recorder. I’m using Staples’ spindle 16x, 4.7GB, 120 minutes DVD-R media and burning at 1x speed on my Mac. I’m stumped! Usually I can figure these things out but not this time! Any help or email reply would be greatly appreciated to all!

Oh! I almost forgot! I did Google and searched the site for help with this question as well. I did find an older thread here with some details about a problem with reading DVD-R disks.

Thanks again! Hopefully someone can shed more light on the problem I’m having!

That’s weird. I didn’t find an edit post button add this to my original post but it may help to solve the mystery of my problem. I just wanted to add that the DVDs only show up as ‘blank DVD’ on the Philips if that helps any…thanks again! :slight_smile:

You have to ask the Philips support.

Some things to consider:

[li]Probably 1x is not the best burn speed - you should try 8x instead.[/li][li]Make sure the discs are being finalised.[/li][li]The ‘No Disc’ message means the recorder isn’t even recognising the disc to start with. In general Philips recorders are better with +R than -R discs, but I think the Mac Superdrive is limited to -R. Is that correct?[/li][li]Does the Philips recognise the disc if you use your Windows PC to write files to one of the -Rs?[/li][li]Download CD-DVD Speed on your Windows PC, run it and put one of the discs in the ombo drive. Click the ‘Disc Info’ tab and tell us what the MID (media ID) is.[/li][/ul]

Macs can Usally burn and read both r- and r+. I’m talking about an 05 Mac G5.

Thanks eveyone! My Mac’s DVD burner shows up as a ATA CD-RW/DVD-RW device, model MATSHITA DVD-R UJ-825 Rev DBN7. My G5 has a 1.8GHz (3.0) CPU and should be almost 3 years old now. It’s running OS 10.3.9 (Panther).

I tried testing my DVD-R discs with the CD-DVD Speed software tool on my PCs combo drive, but it the tool was not able to perform the test. I’ll try getting a dvd+r disc and seeing if it will play on my Philips.