Getting my DVR-111D today. Firmware?

OK. Never done this before but I will be using TDB firmwares. Not too concerned. I will do it from safe mode after testing to make certain the drive is not defective to begin with.

Got the DVR-111 106version the 111L 819 and 826 interior versions.

1.The 106 version comes with a flasher. The 826 does not have a flasher with it. Does it need one?

just flash your drive with the TDB 111L INTERNAL 8.19 firmware then reboot pc. then flash with TDB 111L INTERNAL 8.26 firmware. this will make your 111D drive to a 111L drive with bitsetting to dvdrom for dvd+r media and dvdram capability.

Don’t forget to enable fast reading with MCSE if you want to rip.

Er, I think you can actually skip the 2nd step ie. the reboot - just flash it in sequence. Sorry D.A., can’t help saving a new owner the trouble of rebooting and messing the Windows registry unnecessarily too!


Thanks for all the input. Just got it delivered to work. Manf date May 2006. Fingers crossed that they haven’t disabled anything.

Yes - got the MCSE also and ready to go.

Now I just have to concentrate at work for the next three hours.

I did this today and i might be crazy but it seems to be louder than usual when burning. I guess it’s just me.