Getting my 1620 today, should I be worried?



From all the talk on this forum, it seems as though I should have something to worry about when I get my 1620 Pro today, whether or not it will be a good or defective drive. I am getting it from NewEgg, which also seems as though many people w/bad drives have gotten from too.

What should I look for and what should I do when I first get the drive? I am a newbie at DVD writers and this will be my 1st one.




Don’t worry be Happy.


No one can guarantee an individual drive. BUT I have 2 BenQ1620’s and would happilly buy a 3rd and a 4th. One or 2 people seem to be actively trying to say that recent BenQ drives are no good. I have no problem with anyone making a point but to keep on repeating an unsubstantiated point of view to the degree that people are concerned about buying seems to me to be unreasonable. I have had problems with a Sony, a Liteon, and 2 NEC’s in the past - not all drives are perfect and some have to be returned. Would I buy another Sony, Liteon, or NEC ? yes.

So good luck with your BenQ. Use good media, quality recording software, and a good computer system and you will probably have the best results currently available. If your particular drive is no good then send it back.


As quality of DW1620s appears to vary widely, you may be lucky to get a good one, or like some here in recent time, a bad one.

ATM I am testing my replacement drive and while it works better than the first, it again starts to show some problems. If this gets worse with the same speed as since yesterday, I suspect this drive will be junk by tomorrow …

As I dont have to pay for sending it back to the mail order, they will then have one more chance to get me a new one. They offered me a NEC 3520 for it, but the NEC cannot do Disc Quality Checks and so it is no substitute for the BenQ. If the third drive they send me does not work, I will cancel the purchase and try to get a Pro locally (easier to return if problems persist).

I still want a DW1620 - but a working one.


If you’re 3rd drive doesn’t work then the odds are it’s something in your setup other then the burner.

Post back on your new drive and let us know how it goes. If you got an nforce board make sure to have MS IDE drivers in. If nforce IDE drivers are in just "roll back’ your drivers.


I dont have nforce but SiS. Tried SiS drivers and MS std drivers. An LG on the same cable works fine. Also tried the drives separately as master, and swapped them on the cable, master/slave. Disconnected other power consumers. Improved ventilation. Changed IDE cable on 2nd IDE.

The LG always works fine, the BenQ always gives problems. And now it seems to have ruined a DVD-RW. Yuck.

EDIT: It worked fine at first (some hours). Now, 24h later, it starts to behave strange again. And no, it is not my power supply. Have tried 2 and also both with minimal number of consumers plugged in. BenQ gets much warmer in idle than LG, too.

EDIT 2: Well this is the 2nd one they sent me. If I get to the third, I will post here about it for sure. But I would guess the dealer will refund me the money and not send me a 3rd drive - when I send the drive back, it is nearly 13 Euros for the dealer, he sends me a new one, 6 for him, so about 19 for each swap. One swap already done for a drive costing 58 … 58-19=39, one more swap=20. I think he would not want to do that.


Well we got ours yesterday, so far so good!


Got to add, strange behaviour was partly due to the fact DVD-RW 1x-2x is not usable with the BenQ, which I did not know, but now understand why. If I cannot get that disc working again, it is sad but by no means tragic. I think in the future I will not use DVD-R so often anyway. Hoped to get better compatibility with my laptop, but the opposite is true, DVD+ media works much better and faster with it :slight_smile:


I would recommend that you worry yourself sick :iagree: … them bastards stole your $60!! :smiley:


Hehe wait with worrying until something doesnt work.
Before, think positive and hope for a good drive. :bigsmile:


i agree…one or two ppl… :eek: :eek:


I’m considering a dvd burner too and I’m kind of stuck between an NEC 3520a and the benq 1620 pro that newegg has on sale right now. I’m really hesitant about the 1620 primarily because of all the QC issues I’ve been seening on the forums lately.

So like the original poster, I would like to know what things I should look for and test for in the drive to be sure that the benq I get is on par with the quality that’s expected from this model.




I can only recommend you to

  • get the drive,
  • connect it as the only drive (master) to one of the IDE ports, outer connector on a quality (80wire does not hurt) cable (so middle is unused)
  • check for known issues (like nforce or via chipset issues) in the forum
  • look for new drivers for your chipset´s IDE
  • check the settings in Device Manager for that IDE port (should be UDMA 2 !)
  • uninstall all burning software from your PC
  • run clean programs when supplied by the software maker (for Nero there are some)
  • install only one program for initial testing.
  • update firmware in Safe Mode (and if asked to reboot, do it :wink: )

Many here use Nero & it comes with the CD/DVD Speed test prg & it is available as a free demo, so try that one first.

Make a test burn on known good media and compare your results to those posted.
This for a quick start! See the threads here for more info after that.

Good luck.


no worries to worry about…moslty 80-90% of problem are user problem…


@BDog - just enjoy your new drive. Exactly what eleewhm said - 80-90% of the drive “malfunctions” are user related. Overclocked CPU’s not running up to snuff, weak power supplies, bad OS install or corrupted OS install, corrupted ASPI layer and things of that nature. If you have any issues feel free to ask but I don’t believe that all the problems are QC related “bad” drives. I still feel there are to many variables and if you haven’t gone to the lengths to make sure your computer is running properly then you haven’t done everything you possibly can to ensure your drive will work correctly in your computer. I bet working Tech Support at an optical drive manufacturer would be a nightmare and a half although I’d probably enjoy that work. :wink:

Especially when someone gets 1, 2, 3 “bad” drives in a row and it’s still not working. Wouldn’t that be time to point at the computer and go, “Hmmmmmm…?”. Everyone with bad BenQ’s (especially those lovely Pro models!) please feel free to send them to me - I’ll be glad to make sure every single one works correctly before selling them off on ebay at a nice profit. :bigsmile: :bow: :eek: :cool: (I’m 27 - have to start working on that retirement fund somehow! hehe)


Agree fully - there are just too many variables and insufficient data to start drawing conclusions like old drives are better than new.

I previously submitted 2 scans. Hopefully the links below will show the same disk
which was burned and then scanned - giving poor results - then cleaned - giving better results.

If simply cleaning a disk can change a scan just imagine the effects of all other variables in play.


I’m glad I’m not the only one noticing this behavior out of the one or two who are ACTIVELY bashing the BenQ’s on virtually every forum thread on this website. Funny thing is every time a poll is started about which drive to buy, BengQ is always the one mostly recommended. Why is that?

BTW I own both the BenQ and the NEC and can recommend them both without hesitation, but truthfully the BenQ is my favorite as it does outperform the NEC if just slightly.


I got my BenQ on 7/24/2004 as 1600 oem and flashed it to 1620 then 1620 pro fw B7T9 and I have had very good luck with it.


well glad that makes the two of us who noticed it… :bigsmile: :bigsmile:


I’ve also noticed that more often than not it is either user error and or extremely cheap media that are causing most of the unhappiness at first with the new owners of the BenQ’s. Once those two factors are fixed then they become happy customers but the (one or two) happily jump in and immediately tell the new owners to rma. sad, just sad

Another thing people forget here is that these forums tend to get the people who are having problems more than the ones who want to tell the world about their new toys, as soon as someone has a problem they consult google then google lists this website, dont really know of too many people who just google their toys for the heck of it, usually they just install their drives and if everything goes well forget about it.