Getting music videos from cds



hi, im not sure if this is the right place to put this but, how do you get the music videos that come with music singles off the cd? they always seem to be .exe. how do i convert these to normal video like .mpg or.wmv?


Why should the come as .exe files?

I thought they came as either .wmv. .mpg or .avi…


I checked one cd with video…actually it´s a weird kinda disc, cd on one side and dvd on the other. Anyway…the vid is VOB

(btw, this is Foo Fighters “In Your Honor”)


I don’t guess DVD Decrypter would work . . . maybe CloneCD?


This sounds like a DualDisc. Good idea in theory, but a desaster in practice. :wink:

If it comes as a VOB, there are many tools available.