Getting media manufacturer information

i’d like to write a windows dll library(c++) that would allow me to determine manufacturer(and perhaps the dye) of a CD/DVD media.
I’ve written a lame library capable of reading CD ATIP using ASPI driver, but it doesn’t support DVD-/+Rs nor DVD-/+RWs … Which way should i go? i have almost no experience in programming SCSI devices. Can i use SPTI to do this?
Is it done differently in DVD+Rs and in -Rs?

Any sample code/tutorials/materials concerning this matter?


You can do with SPTI everything you do with ASPI, it’s just another interface.

You should :

  1. Get the latest MMC commands specs from
    The command you’re interested in is READ_DVD_STRUCTURE (+ and - will
    require two different subfunctions).
  2. Read Truman’s sample SPTI C++ code in the Home made tools thread.
  3. slightly change his code to call the function you want, parse the result
    buffer, voila.

well, thanks spath it helps me a lot :slight_smile:

the latest MMC commands specs are MMC5, right?