Getting into BD ripping & backup; advice requested

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I’ve read stuff here and there. From what I understand it’s best to rip the entire BD uncompressed to HDD using something like MakeMKV then use some software like BD Rebuilder to compress to a smaller size.

Can you suggest the best free and pay programs to rip please and suggest the best compressing into a MKV programs too ? thanks.

Don’t worry I won’t be asking you a bunch of follow up questions on how to work the programs, I can easily google that. I just want you op on what programs I should try. If I have to pay that’s fine, I want something good and kind of easy to use too. What do most people use ?

I just want to know the best rippers and the best compress programs. I’m looking for to rip BD’s to 720p and I know to have good quality the MKV’s must be around 4-6GB that’s the size I’s liked too.

By the way because the BDR-2208 has rip lock does that mean when I’m ripping it could take ten times longer to rip ? So for example if it takes 1 hour for the LG14 to rip a BD how long could it take to rip the same BD with the BDR-2208 ?

By the way on a average how long does it take to rip a BD to HDD on average ? and how much longer would it take for my rip-locked BDR-2208 on a average guess if you have too please.

Last question because I have a rip locked BD drive would you still suggest the same programs as if I had one of the LG BD drives ? if yes why ?

thanks again

Any advice or answers for our intrepid anonymous MyCE member?

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On to the questions! Decryption of blu ray…my advice is to buy AnyDVD HD and get the lifetime subscription version if you can afford it. AnyDVD HD is updated very quickly, probably a bit faster than DVDFab, and there are fewer complaints about poorly decrypted discs when using AnyDVD HD than any other program.

I prefer to work with blu ray from the hard drive rather than putting more wear and tear on the optical drive, so I always rip the blu ray to the hard drive using AnyDVD HD’s built in ripper.

If you want free options, those might not work on the very newest releases, but work for most anything else. There are two main choices, DVDFab HD Decrypter and MakeMKV. Of those two, I prefer MakeMKV, though it must be noted that blu ray decryption in MakeMKV is only free while the program remains in beta, and you have to put in a new beta key each month or so.

MakeMKV will rip as an uncompressed mkv file, or in Backup mode, it will rip the entire disc.

I like BD Rebuilder, and recommend it to most anyone who wants to make blu ray backups to 25gb sized output. It would also be a good choice when making AVCHD discs on single or double layer dvds. It will work for output to 720p mkv files in the sizes you want, but it would not be my first choice for this, as the fine controls over the X264 encoder are not easily set up. You might want to explore Handbrake or Vidcoder for this type of output. And if you want even more control over all parameters, read up on MeGUI and Ripbot264. All of these are free to use.

I don’t have that Pioneer, but my 207MBK rips blu ray in less than an hour…usually in the 40 some odd minute range.

And yes, these are the best programs I know of for these tasks, regardless of which blu ray drive you have.

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Hey Kerry why don’t you write a complete guide on using MeGUI ? :bigsmile::wink:

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[QUOTE=cholla;2688469]Hey Kerry why don’t you write a complete guide on using MeGUI ? :bigsmile::wink: [/QUOTE]

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