Getting 'illegal disk error'


I have been backing up dvds for nearly a year without problems.

Using DVD Decrypter
DVD Shrink

Using TDK DVD+Rs - perfect copies every time.

Then I got some Sony DVD+R’s and things started going wrong.

They always burn successfully but are nearly always bad copies or unplayable - so i switched back to TDks - and now these stop burning halfway through - getting ‘illegal disk error’.

Anyone have any ideas?

What burner/firmware do you have?

no idea friend - how do i find out?

Use infotool to retrieve all info on your burner/firmware

You can find it on nero toolkit folder

You can use DVD Info to find out the brand and model no of your burner. The firmware info will also be there.

Burner: Toshiba ODD-DVD SD-R6252
Firmware: 1A14

Are the TDKs that gave you the error from a different pack/spindle?

Could be they used a different manufacturer from the ‘good’ TDKs you used. :slight_smile:

the tdks are a new spindle - however i have previosly used many tdk spindles and have never had a problem - the problems started when i started using sony

Could still possibly be a media problem.

BTW, I did a little research, and I believe that’s the latest firmware for your drive (if The Firmware Page is anything to go by).

This is the third set of disks i have tried since this started - i guess i either keep buying disks until some work or give u.

Might want to also check your Primary and Secondary IDE’s in ControlPanel/System/Hardware/Devices, and make sure that you are not in PIO mode with your drive.

when checked - both primary and seconday are showing PIO mode as current transfer - but DMA if available is selected.

Looks like Harley might have nailed it :bigsmile: - I didn’t spot it 'cause I’m one of these lucky people who’s never had DMA problems (errr…yet!).

There’s a thread on enabling DMA here.

(Stupid database problems…took me two tries to post this!)

Both ides are already set to ‘DMA If Available’

I don’t understand…in the post quoted above, you said that, although ‘DMA if available’ is selected, both drives show current transfer mode as PIO. :confused:

‘Current transfer mode’ SHOULD show something like “UDMA Mode x” (where x is a number).

Ah right - but by folowing the link - this just tells me to set DMA Transfer if available which is already set so I can’t actuall y change anything

check if also in bios is selected DMA.

And check if you have nvidia or intel IDE drivers

Gotcha. Try Geno’s advice…if it was just the Secondary IDE channel, I’d say uninstall it, but since your Primary appears to be in PIO mode also…

Edit: Let me just check something…OK. Here’s a thread on another forum, which goes into a little more detail - if your Primary channel is also in PIO mode, check the thread here:

I’m not really confident enough to start messing with IDE channels - how do I check whether DMA is seected in BIOS?

In the meantime another attempt has worked - maybe i’ve just been very unlucky with disks.

use infotool: it will give you a lot of informations