Getting I/O errors

Well I’ve recently upgraded to v2b5 of herrie’s fw, and on media that used to burn fine I get this error message when burning:

And for some reason my prodiscS03 dvds are no longer recognized.
I get both of these problems with v2b4 and v2b6 also. Any suggestions?

Well I now have problems with the stock nec 1.07 fw too. I’ve been updating in Windows with my drive in a firewire enclosure. Do you think that might be the problem?

Don’t say that! I just ordered a mess of Prodiscs :frowning: As for firmware updating there have been reports of goofiness with external drives. I would suggest using a standard IDE connection and updating with a dos boot diskette for best results.

Also if you are NOT burning to dual layer discs then stick with a working firmware for now as you have very liitle to gain with 7v2b5. It seem that circumstances beyond Herrie’s control have messed with the carryover settings from 107b4. My R03’s should be here soon and coupled with my S03’s and OP4’s I plan to use the best for all three no matter what the latest firmware is. :slight_smile: Out of all the great choices Herrie has given us something is bound to work well for you. Aren’t choices great? Cheers Herrie!

Best of luck getting your drive back to a state of burning bliss.


Are you flashing in Windows or DOS? Just a thought but if you have been flashing the drive in Windows I’d reflash in DOS, shut down the computer, restart and go from there. Maybe just a bad flash was causing it and the dos flasher might have a better time of recovering it than a Windows based one. :wink:

Ok my prodiscs are now being recognized. I think the problem resided with my external enclosures power supply. Since it runs on its own, and not of the computer, when I shut down the computer it doesn’t affect the drive. And as for the I/O errors, those seem to be gone now too, just had to use a lower burn speed.

I’ve seen reports of various I/O errors in DVD Decrypter when using external drives.
You may want to search on the Decrypter forum.

Thanks for the tip. Don’t know if it will help, but worth a look.